WSO Orthobucks Program

We are excited to be presenting our new WSO ORTHO BUCKS PROGRAM. This program will give you the chance to earn great prizes for being a great patient. In order for your orthodontic treatment to be successful it requires a lot of team effort. For doing your part, we will be rewarding you with WSO ORTHO BUCKS which you can buy prizes with.

The criteria for earning WSO ORTHO BUCKS are as follows:

-Arrive on time
-Excellent Oral Hygiene
-Excellent cooperation with elastic wear, headgear, etc...
-No loose bands, brackets or broken wires

-"A & B" Honor Roll (must present a copy of your report card)
-Refer a friend or family member to our office; they must mention your name. Ortho Bucks will be rewarded after their New Patient Exam has been completed.
-Finish treatment early-receive 5 Ortho Bucks for each month you complete your treatment ahead of your estimated treatment time.
-When you see Dr. Nelson or any of the staff outside the office and acknowledge them, i.e. say "hello", (grocery store, the mall, ballgame, movies, YMCA, etc...) Ortho Bucks will be given at your next appointment.

-"A" Honor Roll (must present a copy of your report card)
-Visit your general or pediatric dentist for your regular check-up and cleaning (Bring a note or signed receipt from your dentist)
-If a patient you referred begins treatment with us.


WSO Ortho Bucks are awarded at regularly scheduled appointments. Emergency visits do not apply. The number of WSO Ortho Bucks earned is up to you. Once the WSO Ortho Bucks are awarded they are your responsibility, so treat them like real money. If you lose them, like money, they are gone. Once you spend your WSO Ortho Bucks on a prize, they are spent. You must earn more WSO Ortho Bucks to purchase more prizes.